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Apple Airpod Dock Packaging

Packaging design and manufacturing for the Studio Proper Airpod Dock, power cable, and instructions.

Company: Studio Proper


Materials: Three layer card box, EVA foam, 250gsm card
Design and production

Designed to present the product on first opening, surrounded by contrasting black EVA foam. Removing the product with leverage from a quick start instruction card exposes the hole to remove the foam layer, with a hidden ︎ easter egg inside.

Under this, the lower level holds the coiled flat power cable, instruction card, and sticker sheet. Audio themed icons from the Studio Proper icon set, designed by Matt Jones.

The compact gift box packaging designed for the Airpod Dock is sized around the minimum coil diameter of the flat USB C Cable, and the stacked height of the product. Some massaging of the cable coil tension allowed the width and height of the box to match that of Apple Airpods packaging for shipping together in shared outside cartons.

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