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Apple Airpod Dock

The Wireless Charging Dock for Apple Airpods was created as the perfect accessory to store and charge your Wireless AirPods. Crafted in beautifully finished anodised Aluminium, it is both a bespoke design statement and your guarantee for fully charged AirPods.

Company: Studio Proper

Released: 2020

Materials:  ABS, 6061 Aluminium

Manufacturing: Injection moulding, CNC Machining
Industrial Designer

Concept development
CAD modelling
Manufacturer sourcing & management
Packaging design
Product Photography

A fun detail....

Hidden amongst the certification marks is a small ︎ icon, which is a sort of sub-mark in the Studio Proper brand identity.

As shown here, this icon aligns with precisely machined holes, allowing the PCB status LED to light up when charging, or to ‘blink’ if there are charging faults.

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