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Project Canary

A connected, information sharing, work place safety device.

A research projected conducted during the completion of my Bachelor of Industrial Design degree at RMIT University, Melbourne.
Developed: 2015

Materials:  Resin Prints, Partical Core Development Kit tethered to various environment sensors, Raspberry pi server

Safety in the workplace should never be compromised, but unfortunately accidents still occur far too regularly. Current product solutions designed to ‘call for help’ do not provide enough of an obvious benefit for the general user to consider them a necessity or to promote the active use of them.

Technology advances over the last several years have brought products like wearable fitness trackers and smart watches into the mass market. The sensing and visualization of data these products use could form the basis for a new category of intelligent workplace safety technology. A device that promotes awareness of a users actions and environment, and is an effective fast response mechanism if an accident is to occur or a workplace is becoming unsafe.

Project Canary seeks to streamline workplace safety information delivery, by integrating with existing practices and providing a new system foundation that will incorporate safety and productivity management. Individuals will receive task information safety feedback, and accurate personal threat awareness warnings.

This unified system of task information and threat awareness will aim to ensure use by the end user. Internet of things prototyping tools and technologies have been used heavily to rapidly generate an outline of a final devices function. This in combination with the creation of versatile physical housings ensuring the greatest flexibility of work applications.

Current, in-use safety devices are generally slow to adopt technology that is available to prevent injury. Or are incredibly specialised for a single use case or trade.

This project is an exploration into how current digital technology, the Internet of Things and Informationgathering products could be applied to the trade workforce. With the goal of improving users safety and experience with safety products.  

The resulting concept is a information sharing environment monitor and injury prevention device. 

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